Saturday, November 19, 2011

(film review) - Immortals

I saw the trailer to this film and though... "hmmmm". Then I saw another trailer and thought, "OH WOW! Yeah, I need to see this". And to be honest, I'm very glad I did. A lot of people were comparing this to 300 and I got to say, 300 is just an amazing film. The whole film, the way it was directed, acted out and the story. Yes, maybe a touch exaggerated or what-have-you, but you could not deny the fight scenes and the POSING throughout the whole film. Don't act like you never saw it. If I remember correctly, every man left the cinema 'War Crying'. And don't act like you never. Women did it too.

This film is of a different pace which runs somewhat similar to 300 but more to do with one man, Theseus (Henry Cavill) who was chosen by the gods, Zeus (Luke Evans - don't tell me he doesn't resemble Orlando Bloom) to lead an army against The Heraklion King of Crete, Hyperion (Mickey Rourke) who has declared war on Olympus after the Gods fail to answer his prayers to save his family from illness. Hyperion seeks the Epirus Bow, a powerful weapon created by the God of War Ares (Daniel Sharman) so that he can unleash the Titans from Mount Tartarus and destroy the gods and kidnaps a virgin oracle priestess called Phaedra (Freida Pinto) to help him. However, when Phaedra & Theseus escape captivity with a thief called Stavros (Stephen Dorff), Hyperion hunts them down only to be foiled by Poseidon (Kellan Lutz). For reasons I won't disclose as it will spoil the film, Theseus has is own motivation for what he needs to do and when he discovers the bow, things get out of hand as it falls into the wrong hands and Hyperion unleashes the titans. This is where The Gods Fight.

And fight they do. The scenes in this film are gripping and somewhat gory. There is a 'hammer scene' in which, no word of a fabrication, fib or lie, the whole cinema made a sound and squirmed as this scene was acted out. And the first fight with Theseus was just excellent in my eyes. He pulled out the spear not from where it entered. You'll understand when you see it. Then we have the GOD's intervening and the last fight, which was excellent. Even the prim and proper looking Athena (Isabel Lucas) aggled (hurt) a few titans well.

You like Greek mythology, 300 and musclar men and glorious fight scenes, then you will love this. Woman have been known to say, I'd watch it again...hmmmm, I wonder why? Something for everyone in this one.

Sunday, November 06, 2011

(film review) - Paranormal Activity 3

Would you believe, I'm back here again. We are back here again. This is the third strike and well, we know what we are watching and we still dare to watch it knowing full well that for some of us, this may not end well.

To give you a heads up, just in case you haven't seen ANY of these Paranormal Activity films, here is a quick run.

Paranomal Activity 1 (, Man and his fiancée move into a house to later discover weird sounds and happenings. Man thinks it is cool, starts to antagonise what seems to be a spirit and then..everyone dies.

Paranormal Activity 2 (, Sister of PA1 lives with her partner and have just had a brand new baby boy. The sister pops over every now and then, but weird things are a-foot when things start moving by themselves and weird noises are heard. Sooner or later, by the time the family realises what's going on, the baby is being stalked by the spirit.

This time, this is a prequel as to why the first two films happened the way they did and I got to tell you, I don't think I found this one as funny as the second film. I was still at the edge of my seat and although you know what to expect from a found footage film of the same name and nature, if you have seen the both of them, this one DOES come across different. It's like they've upped the bar this time around.

But I can't spoil it for you as this film is a very good watch if you have watched the first two and all I can really say is, as a trilogy, this is a good film and worthy a watch for the story line, even separately. The only problem I have with this is the actual order you should watch them in. Maybe a Movie Marathon when you purchase them on DVD.


Monday, October 17, 2011

(film review) - Colombiana

I'm going to try and do this review without being bias, as Zoe Saldana can't seem to do anything wrong, in my eyes anyway. She is up and coming and very very easy on the eye. As for her acting, I wouldn't say excellent in all honesty, I need to see more of her. I mean more from her. But all in all, she is very good and from starting her acting career in 2000 on screen, going from film to film such as 'Get Over It' with Sisqo, to 'Drumline' with Nick Cannon, then going onto working with Johnny Depp on 'Pirates of the Caribbean', 'The Terminal' with Tom Hanks and then starring as one of the lead stars in 'Avatar' along with Sam Worthington, you cannot say she isn't working Hard. And to now, in her OWN film where the central star is HER, you cannot say she hasn't done well for 11 years on screen.

So after this film, I'm happy to say, I'M A FAN.

This film is from the same person (Luc Besson) who did Taken with Liam Neeson and if you have seen that film and like it (some love it - me included) then this film does not disappoint. For me, it was like watching a Lara Craft (without the exploring - but two guns blazing) mixed with Commando, Taken and a'bad ass' with a gun or two. To put it into perspective, she wasn't f**king around. Don't get on the wrong side of her as she is a trained assassin and like the Tagline for the film, 'Vengeance is Beautiful'.

There is a little romance in the film which doesn't come across as forced. Well, a woman has her needs right? But without spoiling the film's plot as it's very straight forward and simple, she is avenging and it's more about vengeance than the little romance that was there. In addition, the first 15-30 mins will have you hooked. 1) The little girls acting and 2) The Catsuit. Yeah, men will enjoy. Women will enjoy. Men will enjoy more. Go watch it. If your an action type of person, this film had no dull moments from start to finish. Even the child actor was greatness personified. Very Good.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

(film review) - Transformers: Dark of the Moon

I'm actually still amped after watching the final instalment of The Transformers films. I am soo amped that, I woke up the following morning making the sound from the cartoon series when it used to go from one scene to another. Der da derr da deeeerrr di. I think the only thing that keeps Transformers alive is, well, ummm, the die hard fans of the cartoons, the wanting to know who will be in the films, who would change into what and how much of a badass Megatron will be this time around. I'll explain.

The acting is wooden. Or not to be THAT harsh, the "main lady's" acting is wooden. Always!!! The storyline isn't always terrible (as I've come across some TERRIBLE Storylines) but they are passable. However and probably from being a fan, so this might be a slightly bias review, but seeing transformers change from vehicle to robot and vice-versa is soo incredibly sexy! So with that said, add some great special effects, something sinister in the plot (no matter how predictable) and a little comedy and Transformers just doesn't fail to leave you thinking, "I liked that". You kind of put aside the weak acting from the "leading girl" and the storyline because the brilliant fighting scenes and the jokes in between captivate you more.

In this third and final instalment, Sam Witwicky (Shia LaBeouf) is looking for work and having a really tough time, in turn, taking it out on his girlfriend, Carly Spencer (Rosie Huntington-Whiteley). Not only is his parents doubting his credibility and ability to keep a gorgeous woman and to also get a job, he is really trying to fit in, be a normal person and just, matter. Have a normal life, despite saving humanity from extinction by the evil Decepticons, twice.

Things start going mental when Sam gets stalked and harassed by a crazy employee, attacked by a Decepticon, Lazerbeak and then learns of the Decepticons plan to retrieve an ancient artifact located somewhere on the dark side of the moon since the 1960's.

Optimus Prime (Peter Cullen) and his gang, Ironhide, Bumblebee, Ratchet, Sideswipe and a few others do whatever they can to stop the bad guys from winning the war that once was on Cybertron, now on earth.

The film is a little longer than normal and at times, felt that the film was actually much longer, but chunks of scenes made shorter or cut right out of the final product. There is a scene on the motoway/highway/freeway which involve Sam and Bumblebee that was amazing to watch. Also a lot of slow-motion bits to emphasize great detail in the characters and the action. There are plenty of great fighting scenes as well, which accompanied with the comedic remarks, comments and gestures, makes this a must see.

In 3D, hmmm....a little necessary, but whatever, you will like the film.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

(film review) - Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

And JUST when you thought there wasn't going to be another 'Pirates of the Caribbean' film, Jack Sparrow comes back unpredictably, swashbuckling in a drunken disorderly mess, speaking in a riddling bag of nonsense that makes you think, 'Is he not going to sober up and actually start walking half normal/civil?' But it is very clear that the character Jack Sparrow, played exceptionally well by Johnny Depp, is a very different Pirate to follow and understand.

On Stranger Tides is basically a tale of a king, pirates and more pirates, searching for a "mythological" place called 'The Fountain of Youth' hinted at the end of the third film. All having their own reasons as to why they embark on this journey to seek the fountain, you would have thought it was for extended life, but for some, it is a grudge to settle.

Captain Hector Barbossa (Geoffrey Rush) once captain of the Black Pearl, now a privateer in service to the British Navy after having lost Jack's ship, the Black Pearl, as well as his leg wants to settle an old score, whilst ruthless Blackbeard (Ian McShane), who possesses supernatural powers and practices voodoo magic wants the Fountain's power to circumvent his predestined fatal encounter with a one-legged man.
King George II (Richard Griffiths) wants Jack to guide an expedition to the Fountain of Youth before the Spanish locate it. However, things go wrong when Angelica (Penélope Cruz), Jack's former lover is caught by Jack for impersonating him and then after a escape, a sword fight and a spot of swimming, Jack wakes up aboard Blackbeards ship, Queen Anne's Revenge where he is then forced to lead Blackbeard to the Fountain.

This is no easy quest as there are a few things you need first before you can prolong your life. 1. is two silver chalices once belonging to Juan Ponce de León. 2. Water from the 'Fountain of Youth'. And last but not least, 3. A Mermaid's Tear. And to capture Ariel, the Little Mermaid is a task in itself.

This film is out NOW and should you be a fan of Johnny Depp, Ian McShane or a fan of the movies, you will like this. There is enough drunken antics from Jack Sparrow to keep you entertained and enough smart lines here and there to also make you chuckle.

Go and watch.

Friday, June 03, 2011

(film review) - X-Men: First Class

Does anyone know the story of the X-Men? Like, the REAL story? The originating story? And NO, NO and NO once again, I do NOT and repeat, DO NOT mean 2000's Film of the X-Men which somehow had Wolverine as a main character. I mean that garbage was watchable and at times, corny and yes, at the time it came out, 11 years ago, was actually 'the hotness', but now? And compared to First Class? Do me a favour, tell me that, THAT film is better than First Class and you can, DO ONE!!! I'm not saying that this film is excellent and such a masterful piece of work that the X-Men debut in 2000 doesn't come close at all, but...I'm going to be really honest...ummm, it actually doesn't. I'll explain.

Whether or not this film follows closely to the roots of the Real Story of the first ever X-Men is somewhat irrelevant. I watched the fabulous cartoon, back in the day. Die Hard fans will be fuming. Some will may even demand their money back. But then in saying that, they knew who the characters were before they went to see it so they could only just chill and except that the film was a brilliant watch from start to finish. Whether this is to do with a better director, better screen play or possibly 10 years of enhanced special effects, this film comes out on top out of ALL the X-Men movies. And along with my opinion, stands side by side Wolverine: Origins. No Matter how you feel about Wade Wilson.

Anyway. My knowledge of the first ever X-Men may not be the same as everyone else's, but I know that, Beast, Cyclops, Angel, Jean Grey & Iceman ARE the First class. So, what is this? Well to be fair, this film isn't really about the 'X-Men' you see on screen. I mean, really? Think about it. Yes it's called First Class but to call it 'Charles and Erik' is not a very good idea. So with that said, this film is about, Charles and Erik. Two friends who can't see eye to eye for their own 'political' or 'non-political' reasons.

The film starts off with small Erik Lensherr being separated from his parents at the Nazi German concentration camp and expressing his anguish and pain, Erik is seen bending metal with his mind by scientist Dr. Schmidt. Elsewhere Charles Xavier, a telepath, meets homeless Raven a shape-shifter and after being soo delighted he found someone like him, he invited her to stay with him and his family. Things really start getting heated when Dr. Schmidt does something soo unspeakable that leads to a crushed office room and two killed guards and then a very hell bent older Erik (Magneto)(Michael Fassbender) on a personal vendetta to track down and find Dr. Schmidt. At some point, he crosses paths with Charles and then after a struggle they eventually become friends while they both teach each other about their powers and the responsibilities as "evolved" humans.

Without going into too much detail because, it isn't really necessary, all you need to know is, the First Class kids get slapped up. They learn how to harness and use their powers to their advantage. Magneto becomes the "bad Guy" he is known to be in the Marvel Universe.

You need to watch this if you are or aren't a X-Men fan.

Sunday, April 03, 2011

(film review) - Limitless

Bradley Cooper isn't doing too bad for himself lately. To me, he was just some guy with blue eyes and long hair who resembles Seth Green when his hair is short (Could pass as brothers), but as I don't watch Nip Tuck, Sex in the City, Law & Order or Alias, the only film I could say I've seen him in, after being reminded of course was, Wedding Crashers.
For me, Mr. Cooper popped "onto" the scene in the film, The Hangover. I couldn't even try to break down the brilliance of that film, but the brilliant acting from all actors, for me, got Mr. Cooper more recognised. Not only did he play Templeton Peck in The A-Team and is going to reprise his role as Phil Wenneck in The Hangover part 2, Limitless is a 'sure see' if you are a Bradley Cooper fan.

So, it's said that we only use 20% of our brain. In actual fact we use 100% of our brain at different times, apparently, but I know what they mean. Imagine using 100% of your brain at any one time! Now that's a thought! Anyway, I digress, so...we use only 20% of our brain, but imagine being able to unlock and access every part of your brain at one time. This would mean, your memory is fully in tact with clarity. You could store information easier and access quicker. With these alone, imagine remembering everything you've ever absorbed as easy as just clicking your fingers. This would mean that you'd be extra smart, right? Get it? Well yes, that is the premise of the film as writer Eddie Morra (Bradley Cooper) is suffering from writers block and is down and out. Broke with nothing going for him but a potential book, but with writers block, on the brink of being kicked out of his apartment and just fresh out of a relationship as his partner Lindy (Abbie Cornish) cannot support him anymore, Eddie bumps into his first wife's brother.

Vernon Gant (Johnny Whitworth) used to be a drug dealer, but has now cleaned up his act, well...not really. He has changed the content of his dealing by dealing a different type of drug. A drug that gives you full access to dormant files in your brain and enable you to remember, store, access information at an alarming rate. The drug is called, NZT-48 and it increases your intelligence and focus. After a small conversation, Eddie takes the drug thinking, "it can't get any worse, can it?" when in a few moments he sees the world differently. Once suffering from writers block, Eddies finishes his book in a matter of hours. Now having a new focus and increased intelligence, Eddie starts to learn different languages and instruments, then takes his interest into stocks that make him rich, in a short period of time. However, this captures the attention of Carl Van Loon (Robert DeNiro), who is now interested in this young "genius" as well as a man (Tomas Arana) who seems to be everywhere Eddie is. Things start taking a turn when Eddie starts suffering from effects of the drug and finding out everyone who has taken the drug ends up dead or ill.

This film is intelligent and is a good watch. In real life, there might be flaws to the actual storyline, but the story is very far from far-fethced and is at a nice pace as to be placed into Eddie Morras shoes, it's likely you'd do the same things he did. The bottom line or subliminal message here is don't do drugs, period.

Watch it if your a fan of Cooper or DeNiro or ultimately if you like thrillers

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

(film review) - Unknown

Liam Neeson is the Action Man right about now! Not sure if he is up there in the heavy roster that are The Expendables but damn, Mr. Chop-A-Guy-In-His-Throat Neeson is back with another film in which I thought I'd see at least ONE chop in the throat.
Maybe I blinked and missed it but at the end of the film, I did actually feel like something was missing. That swift chop to the throat would have done nicely.

Have you seen the trailer to this film? I saw the trailer and I have got to say, if you have seen as much movies as me, that trailer would definitely tell you the whole story straight off or something very close to it. You wouldn't even need to watch the film. However, watching the film would only be for clarity and ease of mind. There is going to be a trailer after all of this so I will let you all decide what is going on.

In brief. Man has wife. Man goes on a trip with wife. Man gets into an accident. Man's memory is broken up. Man tries to find wife. Man finds wife. Wife doesn't know man. Wife has a different husband. Man gets upset. Man gets confused. Killers hunt for man. Killers try to kill man. Man makes his escape. Man needs to find out the truth. Who is this man.

If you really think about it, you can actually guess what has happened which doesn't really deter you from watching the film. I think, since watching Taken, every member of the audience is looking for that swift blow to the throat. *sigh*

Anyway, decent watch. I did feel that some parts were unnecessary and some bits were predictable, but nonetheless, it weren't all bad at all. I've seen shoddier films. This weren't one of them. Plus, with Liam 'Chop-A-Man-In-His-Throat' Neeson on board, you can't really complain much. His acting isn't bad!

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

(film review) - The Next Three Days

Russell Crowe is moody. I've only seen him in moody films. His characters just seem to be moody. He is an very good actor, but just moody. I guess, I have to see him in more iconic films that stand out more other than Robin Hood and Gladiator. Not that Robin hood even stands out, but his characters are easily forgettable. 'American Gangster' was a great film, but you only really remember Denzel in it. Even 'Body of Lies', but then, DiCaprio's in that. I haven't seen much Crowe films to be perfectly honest and I know your thinking, what about 'A Beautiful Mind?'. I don't know. Unless it's just solely him, a little bit like this film, his characters aren't that rememberable.

Anyway, this film and pardon me for saying this but I just need to, reminded me of that Gerard Butler film. You know which one. The one where he goes to prison and people seem to drop dead around him who were involved in the injustice of the case to do with his murdered wife. Law Abiding Citizen. Completely different film altogether, but there was something about it. Even down to the haircut, something reminded me of Gerard and that film, I digress.

Loving family man is at dinner and a argument ensues where the night is discussed in the morning but no one is really cut up about it. Sitting in the kitchen with his wife, Lara Brennan preparing things, John Brennan, a teacher, is content, making playful jokes to his son Luke and discussing the night before and the relationship with his father. This part of Crowe was strange to unmoody.
The door bell rings out and as John open's the door, without using the peep-hole, the police come charging in, holding him back from trying to stop everything from happening and the police arrest and take away his wife for the murder of her boss.

This was within the first 10mins or so, so you know the film already has you gripped, right? Just like Law Abiding Citizen. Anyway, a few years go by and John visits his wife in prison with a slighty older Luke in which he doesn't acknowledge his mother at all. This, as well as the love for her is the factor that drives John to obsession and thoughts of breaking her out of jail. John talks with an 7 times prison escapee, Damon Pennington (Liam Neeson) after reading his book, who advises him on what to do, how to do it and what to look out for. After Damon takes all the cash in John wallet, John devises a grand plan to break his wife out of prison which involves set back after set back after set back and "youtube" clips. There are times in the film where you think, "damn, this guy just can't seem to catch a break". But he doesn't give up.
I've got to say that I was completely unsure about how it was going to end. Yes he breaks her out but does he get away with it? Do they both get shot down and leave the child without parents? Does the wife get away with the child and does he get shot in the process? The film could have gone in two ways. There is a part in the film where Lara, is wife says something and all I could think of was..."I can't be f**kin asked any more". The film would have ended there and then and that would have been hilarious.

The film strives through and although some things were unexplained or detailed, you couldn't help but think, "so, did she kill her boss or what?" and "Ohhh, that's why it's called 'The Next Three Days'" but at the same time, those "Three Days" for me merged into whatever it was that didn't really represent three days. Maybe a week or so, I don't know, maybe I missed something.

Enjoyable watch though. I can't see people being disappointed with this film much at all. The storyline could have been a bit better as the acting out-classed the stroyline somewhat. It was also great to see Lennie James, an english actor, up there. I didn't even realise it was him. Great acting indeed, just a bit of a semi-weak storyline where with a little bit more 'umff', would have been a great film.

Saturday, January 01, 2011

(film review) - The Tourist

Angelina Jolie isn't a bad actress and Johnny Depp is pretty decent as well, if not better, but having both of them in a film, TOGETHER? ergh! Not saying that they don't go together in a film, but...well, they don't go together well in a film. Well this one anyway. I didn't like his hair and fuzzy mostache. As for Angelina, well she needs to eat something and put on a touch of weight. She is too thin nowadays.

So The Tourist is about a Tourist, Frank, Johnny Depp who is happily going about his marry way to wherever he is going and an very attractive lady walks through a few carriages until she see's him and sits down and makes conversation. Before this, she is at a Cafe and several undercover police/agents are watching her closely and is following her every move. As she cops onto her followers, she loses them at the train station in which she boards a train and meet's Frank. After small talk and being told that his name is terrible, Frank is asked to ask her out to dinner by her in which he eventually does and they travel together to Venice, Italy and go out.
Later that evening, They go to a hotel and spend the night together in the same suite but with her in the bedroom and Frank on the sofa. Frank wakes up the following morning to breakfast and shortly afterwards, gunfire after realising the mysterious woman is no longer there. He makes a quick get away that end up with an "assulted" police officer.
Trying to plead his case, the detective pays him no mind until he does his own research only to realise Frank was right. Frank then gets moved from the prison, eventually bumps into ? and they are on a run from not only the Undercover officers who were chasing her, but the Mob as well who are after Frank due to her stitching him up as the guy everyone is looking for.

I won't say any more as it will only spoil the storyline which is predictable anyway, but this film was rather boring. The story didn't offer much and although the acting was fine from both Depp and Jolie, the film didn't have much to offer but a few giggles here and there and that was it. It is bad enough when you go to a cinema to watch a boring film, but even worse when its a boring film and a few other movie goers get excited at everything that Johnny Depp says or does as they are adoring fans. It makes you appreciate DVD/BluRay and watching a movie within your own environment.

Watch if you are a Jolie or Depp fan, but don't rush to see it. Not enough action, romance or jokes really and it's labelled a Thriller? Weren't anything THRILLING about it, really. Quite boring.